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Triobike Taxi


The Triobike Taxi is specially designed for transporting people and is the bike of choice for Cycling Without Age - a charity focusing on building relationships between generations and encouraging being active in the form of cycling. The bike is designed to be easy to ride - coming as standard with power assist - even when carrying two fully grown adults uphill, and to be rugged and long-lasting. The TrioBike Taxi boasts good looks and extremely high build quality so you’ll have peace of mind and be free to enjoy the bike as it was intended.

It is designed to be comfortable for passengers, coming fitted with soft cushions and a specially adapted seat to make the trike accessible for people who have mobility issues or difficulty walking. Each passenger has a seatbelt for safety and an inbuilt storage unit and collapsible rain cover to provide protection from the elements.

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  1. Better stability at high speeds.
  2. Made it easier to mount and dismount the rear wheel.
  3. Better weight distribution and stability at high speeds.
  4. Redesigned rider seat allowing taller riders to pilot the Taxi.
  5. Stronger front hub bearings - giving 30% higher load capacity and are longer lasting too.
  6. Sintered metallic front brake pads.
  7. Lasts longer with heavy loads.
  8. Rim, spokes and tire upgrade.
  9. Makes all the wheels stronger and more reliable.
  10. Improved front brake cable routing. Looks better, works better too.
  11. Extra cable guides. It’s easier now to fit cables in the right position.
  12. Aluminium pedals. More resistant and durable.
  • Overall length: 225cm
  • Overall width: 106cm
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Carrying capacity: 250kg
  • Electric assist: Yes (extra)