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Nihola 4.0 angle
Nihola 4.0 front
Nihola 4.0 side

Nihola 4.0


The nihola 4.0 is an ideal cargo bike for active families - with room for four children up to 8 years old on the two bench seats that can be fitted - or up to 120kg of cargo if you’re a business user. These trikes are ideal for businesses which can benefit from being able to access areas where conventional vehicles aren’t allowed. Think last-mile parcel deliveries in pedestrianised cities and street food vendors at festivals. There are several possible configurations giving you a few options if you want to carry some children and some gear at the same time - for a camping trip for example! There is a huge amount of flexibility in the way in which the cargo bike can be used.

Your kids or cargo are kept safe by the sturdy tub and well-engineered frame. The tub is enclosed by top and bottom steel tube frames, making up a continuous loop to protect your cargo, and these frames are welded together with sturdy steel supports to make this space very rigid and durable.

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  • The bike can easily transport up to 120kg in places where conventional vehicles are not appropriate or allowed
  • Very safe and durable bike for transporting cargo or children.
  • The front box can easily be converted into many different layouts - providing the opportunity to create quirky, mobile advertising units or mobile stalls for street food for example.
  • Lovingly hand crafted in Denmark by nihola - no cheap Chinese frames here!
  • Overall length: 230cm
  • Overall width: 89cm
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Carrying capacity: 120kg
  • Electric assist: No