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Christiana Model T angled view
Christiana Model T front view
Christiana Model T side view

Christiania Model-T


The Christiana Model-T taxi bike was originally the creation of a Lars Engstrøm for Quickshaw in Copenhagen. Based on traditional Vietnamese rickshaws, the Model-T bike allows passengers to sit at the front and enjoy the view of the road as well as having direct contact with the driver. The Model-T is highly customisable for your individual needs and many can be seen on the streets of Copenhagen being used as passenger carrying trikes. The Model-T can also be configured as a cargo carrying bike for larger loads.

The Christiana Model-T is also a popular choice for charities or volunteer groups who work with those who have special needs or the aged - enabling them to experience the joy of cycling in the great outdoors!

The Model-T is manufactured, prepared and shipped from Denmark by Christiania.

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  • Passengers have an unobstructed view of the road
  • Low step to reach the seating area on the front - perfect for people who might be less mobile or have problems balancing
  • Sturdy, top quality materials and construction means less worry about servicing and maintenance and more time to enjoy the bike as intended.
  • Overall length: 235cm
  • Overall width: 99cm
  • Overall height: 110cm
  • Weight: 59kg
  • Carrying capacity: 160kg
  • Electric assist: Yes (extra)