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Christiana Model P angled view
Christiana Model P side view

Christiania Model-P


The Christiana Model-P is the perfect platform to showcase your business while being environmentally conscious and mobile. Let customers taste your food, buy your products or interact with you in places they wouldn’t normally be able to.

The "Post Box” is designed to be a secure and lockable box, which opens wide giving easy access to anything stored within. With the help of some pneumatic arms attached to the lid, you can open the lid with one finger! If the weather is against you or you need quick access you can avoid opening the box completely, Christiania has also included a flap on the side to give you quick and easy access to the storage box.

The “Event Box" consists of two tables and a long shelf. It is designed so that all the moving parts of the box are secured when the box is closed and the bike is being ridden. The Event box is supplied with two folding tables, display stand for brochures and a pull-out shelf and can be customized with various options and equipment by the manufacturer. Please Contact us to discuss any customisation before placing an order!

These bikes are designed and manufactured in Denmark. The Model-P is manufactured, prepared and shipped from Denmark.

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The front box can easily be converted into many different layouts - providing the opportunity to create quirky, mobile advertising units or mobile stalls for street food for example.

  • Overall length: 208cm
  • Overall width: 87cm
  • Overall height: 117cm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Carrying capacity: 100kg
  • Electric assist: Yes (extra)