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We are seeing our towns and cities across the United Kingdom becoming more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. A much greater emphasis is placed on clean, wholesome and healthy living than has been common in recent times and we hope that sentiment is here to stay! 

We aim to provide a selection of specialist trikes and cycles to cater to the more unique needs of customers in this exciting new time. Our products range from bikes capable of carrying some quite substantial loads to those designed to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate and able-bodied. There's a bike for everyone - and we can supply you it, whatever "it" is!

Since the first Theraplay hand cycle was dreamt up and produced in 1970 for a local charity, Theraplay has sought to design and manufacture bikes which are appealing to children and adults of all ages.

Theraplay is a family owned and run business which has now been manufacturing specialist cycles for over 40 years. The founder of the company, Ian Macdonald is an engineer and a keen racing cyclist, although his racing days are now becoming a distant memory. After a number of years studying and building his technical experience, he formed Thistle Engineering in 1968 to produce small, precision, components for multi-national companies throughout the U.K.

Theraplay is now run by the second generation of the family and is still producing hand cycles for children, 50 years later. We now bring you Trikes Direct to ensure that our product offering covers almost the entire spectrum of alternative bicycles available today.